Located in a privileged location with panoramic views



Situated a few kilometres from Gorafe at the end of the high plateau, it is strategically located, remote from civilisation, which enables us to be one with the environment.

At 1000 metres above sea level and raised approximately 4 metres above the ground, we have a clear and unobstructed view of the entire Geopark, Guadix, Baza, the Sierra Nevada, Cazorla and the Sierra Mágina. Offering a 360º view of the desert.

What’s more, it is an ideal jumping-off point for exploring trails by 4WD vehicle, biking and hiking.


Points of interest


Megalithic era
interpretive centre

State-of-the-art multimedia centre situated on a lower level behind the church. 1-hour guided tour, in which the guide will explain how the men and women of the neolithic lived and how they built the dolmens.


Alicún Spa

You can relax in the medicinal waters of the Alicún de las Torres spa and absorb their health benefits in this place of outstanding natural beauty.


“El Torriblanco”
cave houses

Discover what it’s like to live in a cave. Three typical caves of the region with chimney and all mod cons, while retaining the essence of the past. Swimming pool and own car parking also included.


“Los Coloraos”
Gorafe Desert

This desert is unique for its striking beauty, scenery and geology, full of colours, gullies, fairy chimneys and deep ravines. It’s ideal if you want to take spectacular photographs and enjoy the silence. You can explore it by bicycle or 4WD vehicle. Ask us for more details.


The Gorafe Dolmens

The Gorafe Valley has more than 250 dolmens along three signposted routes and can easily be accessed to see them up close. (We recommend a visit to the interpretive centre before setting off on any of these routes).


Toril irrigation channel

A tour around this thousand-year old natural irrigation channel created by thermal springs with a high calcium carbonate content, which emerges from the ground opposite the spa and ends in a waterfall.(1h duration).


Negratín Reservoir

The more recent rivers such as the River Gor, on whose banks we find the town of Gorafe in the centre of the Geopark, have shaped this landscape incessantly in the course of the last 500,000 years, creating a unique territory that is characterised by its aridity, with striking gullies. The exposed rocks in the fluvial valleys of the Quaternary Geopark tell the story of its geological evolution, of ancient Mesozoic seas and of life during the Quaternary.

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